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  2. Quality Service and Products
  3. Safety on the Road 
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Our Team's Focus

Ice Now's Ethos

In 2009, Ice Now was born into the world of ice delivery services. Focus on our core markets has not changed since the beginning because we set out to decommoditize the ice delivery market.  By offering a service that filled a void in the industry, Ice Now has solidified itself as the go-to ice provider for restaurants, construction, special events and more. 

Since inception, we have added multiple trucks, quality team members and additional services for a wider customer set. We are very proud of what we have built, but not too proud to adapt and change with our customer needs. 

2012 was a special year because we added our snow service. It addressed an underserved market in Phoenix and since then we have improved the perception of snow making market in Phoenix. We have quality equipment and professionals that focus solely on the snow making aspect of our business so our customers have the best experience. 

2013 Ice Now opened Ice Now Las Vegas - serving the LV greater metro area. Our focus is core customer base and snow events in 2014. visit Ice Now NV at or call us (702) 448-1235
We sincerely appreciate the partnerships we have with our customers. Our dedication to servicing their ice needs is recognized by each customer. The customers we serve in Phoenix metro, Las Vegas and beyond, trust us to provide the ice products they need to keep their business or event going. Ice Now's B2B focus separates our service offering from the rest. Our ice solutions allow our customers to focus on their business and not worrying about their ice supply and when it will show up.

Our History

Our Customers

  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Construction
  • Special Events
  • Golf Courses
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Hospitals
  • Sporting Events
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Private Residences
  • Green Energy Projects
  • Bakeries

Service is our #1 Product

Creative Ice Solutions for your business or event