How much does the snow cover?

Ice Now crushes ice into a fine powder and 10 tons of snow covers a 40 ft x 40 ft area approximately 4-6 inches thick.

What is the minimum?

We have a 5 ton minimum year-round. During peak December weekends the minimum is 10 tons.

What is the cost for Snow?

Packages start at $900 for home events. There are other variables for snow pricing. Ask about volume pricing for 10+ tons. Please call Ice Now's Snow Department at (602) 288-8348 or email us at to learn more about pricing and availability.

When should I book a snow event?

December dates fill up fast so it is important to contact Ice Now as soon as possible to secure a date and time. It is recommended to make contact with Ice Now in the Summer for a December date. 

Professional Snow Production

Ice Now's Snow Team can produce any size snow event in Arizona, Nevada and beyond. Fine snow is produced and sprayed to the ideal location. 

  • Church Event
  • School Snow Day
  • Community Snow Sledding
  • Company Promotion or Party
  • Snowboard and Skiing Exhibitions
  • Many More Snow Uses

Contact Ice Now's Snow Team at (602) 288-8348 to ask any questions relating to prices, minimums and snow coverage. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.

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